8th Spirit of Hope Dinner Dance

8th Spirit of Hope Dinner Dance 


Commonwealth Center, Langley AFB, VA


Saturday, October 24, 2020
6:00 pm – 11:00 pm

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Tickets are $80.00 person person or $72.00 person for the purchase of a table of 10.

Pink Perseverance Program Ad Purchase:

Supporters and guests can purchase ads in support of our 2020 Honorees and/or congratulate Pink Perseverance on their 7th Spirit of Hope Dinner Dance.  The Ad purchase prices are as follows:

1.  Full Page – $100.00
2.  Half Page – $75.00
3.  Quarter Page – $50.00

Please purchase your ads below. In addition, please fill at the attached form and email to info@pinkperseverance.com .

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Pictures may be submitted with your ad information and must be in JPG form. Ad Payment(s) can be made on our website, www.pinkperseverance.com or submit a check or money order payable to Pink Perseverance, Inc. and mailed to Pink Perseverance, Inc., P.O. Box 7064, Hampton, VA.  23666.

Forms should be submitted by email to info@pinkperseverance.com no later than Monday, September 2, 2019.


Guest Speaker: Dr. Ligeng Tian, Virginia Oncology (Hampton)

Cost: $80.00 per person or $720.00 for a table of 10 with Pinky Discount


Please note that tickets will not be issued.  Paid guests will be checked off the seating chart list when they arrive at the Commonwealth Center.  Also, note that seats for this event will not be sold at the door.  Each guest MUST purchase their seat prior to arrival at the event.

**There is a $5.00 administrative fee associated with purchasing your seat on the website.


Guests must have access to the base to attend this event.  Proper access to the base is:

1.  A military active duty, retiree, or dependant identification.

2.  CAC card for government employees.  

If you are unsure about proper access to the base, please contact the Visitor Control Center at (757) 764-7770.

If you are a guest of one of an Honoree, please coordinate access with the Honoree.